Welcome to Charleston History Walk by Eric Lager, Ph.D.

Discover the fascinating history of this amazing city on my Charleston tour and make great lasting memories in a small group of 12 or less people with a certified tour guide and a Professor of History at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. You will surely come to love and appreciate this beautiful city on my Charleston history tour and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Discover Charleston’s History With Every Step

Experience the charm of Charleston and enrich your historical knowledge of the Holy City with a professionally trained historian who loves meeting new people and has a passion for sharing the past. Unlike many tour companies in town that allow up to 20 people in each group, my Charleston tour is guaranteed to have no more than 12. A small group environment allows you to connect with Charleston's history on a more intimate level by avoiding the distractions associated with large tours, gain a deeper understanding of the city, and ultimately have more fun.

Get To Know Your Guide

My name is Eric and I specialize in South Carolina and Charleston history during the Colonial Era, American Revolution, Antebellum Era, and the Civil War. With nearly twenty years of combined experience teaching at the college level and working in the public history sector, I am dedicated to my craft and love sharing history with others.

About the Walking Tour

Charleston History Walk provides an in-depth look into Charleston’s remarkable history from its founding in 1670 to the present. On my Charleston tour through the historic district, you will be guided to see and understand the modern-day city of Charleston through the lens of its past. History is more than just dates and facts. History is composed of exciting and compelling stories. My mission is to provide you with a high quality Charleston history tour that is both entertaining and educational, but above all, one that is meaningful and memorable! 

Connect To Learn More

Immerse yourself in the historical roots of the city by reserving your spot on my next Charleston tour. For more information, please feel free to get in touch anytime.

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